3 Tips for the Tastiest Fried Thanksgiving Turkey

Oct 27 , 2020

Keith Newton

3 Tips for the Tastiest Fried Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is a time for food, friendship, and family. But serving a dry turkey is something that can put a damper on your celebration altogether. Here at LoCo Cookers, we want to help you make the tastiest, moistest Thanksgiving turkey ever. Here’s how:

Tip 1: Fry your Turkey in a LoCo SureSpark™ Turkey Fryer

To start, make sure you have the best equipment for the job. Our 30 QT SureSpark™ Turkey Fryer let’s you fry your turkey instead of cooking it in the oven. Frying at a high temperature creates a crispy crust on the outside of the turkey that literally locks in the moisture and flavor. So you’ll get a succulent bird that everyone will love, and that cooks in less than an hour -- all while freeing the oven for the rest of your meal! 

The LoCo SureSpark™ Turkey Fryer features SmartTemp technology -- no more restarting your frying process! And, the clever hands-free Twist and Drain system makes it easy to drain the cooking oil from your freshly cooked bird. 

Tip 2: Food Handling Gloves

Having food handling gloves is a game-changer for not only the safety of your hands but also for handling your turkey! LoCo Cookers makes the perfect pair of insulated food handling gloves that protects you from the heat, while giving you a firm grip on the slippery bird. 

Tip 3: LoCo Cookers Seasonings

Finally, to have the best deep-fried Thanksgiving turkey, you must add the best seasonings! And we have the best seasonings out there! Our Creole Turkey Seasoning Kit includes all the seasoning you need for Fried, Baked, Smoked, and Grilled Turkey. This seasoning kit is extremely popular and great for all meats! 

Have The Tastiest Fried Thanksgiving Turkey

LoCo Cookers guarantees a tasty fried turkey in less than an hour when you use our top-quality products! Don’t disappoint your family and friends with a dry turkey, again. Here at LoCo Cookers, we are ready to give you the tools to make the tastiest Thanksgiving turkey possible. 

Go LoCo with us!