BEST Thanksgiving Turkey Ever with a LoCo SureSpark™ Turkey Fryer

Nov 18 , 2020

Keith Newton

BEST Thanksgiving Turkey Ever with a LoCo SureSpark™ Turkey Fryer

Free Up the Oven and Make the BEST Turkey Ever This Thanksgiving with a LoCo SureSpark™ Turkey Fryer!

Don’t let cooking a turkey get in the way of some much-needed family time. You can make a great-tasting turkey in less time, and without typing up the oven with LoCo’s SureSpark™ Turkey Fryer. It’s easy and sure to be the hit of the holiday. 


Making the Perfect Turkey with LoCo

There are only a few steps involved before taking that turkey out of the fryer and carving it for your Thanksgiving meal. 

  1. Take a thawed turkey and pat the outside and inside dry. Next, with your favorite marinade, inject as much flavor into the turkey as possible. This will add flavor and moisture and make it taste delicious! 
  2. After injecting the marinade, season the entire outside of the turkey with your favorite seasoning, then it’s off to the fryer.
  3. Before placing the turkey in the fryer, add LoCo Peanut Oil, and allow the oil to heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  4. Place turkey in LoCo Propane Turkey Fryer’s Twist and Drain basket, and slowly lower into the oil. Once the bird is in the oil, place the lid on top of the fryer. You should cook the turkey 3.5 minutes per pound, or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  5. Finally, take the turkey out of the oil and let all of the oil drain before taking it completely out of the LoCo Turkey Fryer. It’s time for carving, bon appétit!