Why Your Holiday Meals Need LoCo Cookers Fryers

Dec 02 , 2021

Keith Newton

Why Your Holiday Meals Need LoCo Cookers Fryers

Whether you’re planning a traditional holiday meal or looking to spice up your menu with new traditions, LoCo Cookers has got you covered! With our wide selection of turkey fryers and cookers, your holiday meals will be a breeze. Leave the traditional kitchen cooking to somebody else and choose that outdoor cooking lifestyle. Grab a cold one and get frying with LoCo!

LoCo Propane Turkey Fryer with SureSpark™

This isn’t your grandpa’s turkey fryer, but he’d probably like one of these for Christmas! With LoCo Cookers SureSpark™ Turkey Fryer Push-Button Electronic Ignition Technology we are redefining safety and convenience! Lighting your LoCo Turkey Fryer only requires a push of a button…no more matches and lighters. We’ve got everything you need to prepare a delicious fried turkey in only 3.5 minutes per pound of turkey. Don’t worry that’s only 56 minutes for a 16lb turkey! Save your time and kitchen space this holiday season with LoCo Cookers.

The kit includes a heavy-duty, welded fryer stand with a powerful 54,000 BTU burner, a fry basket AND turkey stand with lifting hook, 30qt aluminum pot and lid with lid assist, and 12” oil thermometer.

LoCo Cookers 10qt Fish Fryer Kit

Maybe your family is thinking about switching up the family traditions this year and having something other than turkey. Don’t worry we’ve also got you covered there! LoCo Cookers has a wide variety of fryers to choose from. Some of the fryers can also be used for boiling large quantities of other foods. Seafood and fish fries bring everyone together and aren’t that what the holidays are all about?!

Fry up delicious fish, fries, chicken wings, and other crispy food with our LoCo Cookers 10qt Fish Fryer. Specially designed for outdoor cooking, this fryer is the perfect gift for upcoming barbecues, parties, and your next sporting event.

Feeding a Crowd? Try the LoCo Propane Dual Burner Fry Cart!

The LoCo Cookers Dual Burner Fry Cart has two adjustable high-pressure burners so you can cook different items at the same time using different temperatures. Whether you’re frying up wings and fries or something a little more untraditional - choose LoCo Cookers Dual Burner Fry Cart. Who needs a lighter or matches when you can start the burners with our electronic ignition? The folding side shelf gives you extra prep space prior to cooking or so you can get your next batch ready while cooking. Transport your fry cart with ease thanks to LoCo’s heavy-duty wheels!

This fry cart includes two fry pots, three fry baskets, two digital oil thermometers, a folding side shelf for extra prep space, and LoCo’s guaranteed Electronic Ignition.

Choose LoCo Cookers This Holiday Season

No matter what you are choosing to feast on this holiday season, LoCo Cookers Fryers are the best way to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your friends and family. Fry up something tasty and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page!

If you have any questions or need help with your LoCo Cookers reach out to us!