Loco Cookers are the perfect solution for preparing great food, no matter where you are. Below you'll find videos of people who love their Locos Cookers throughout the low country and across the USA, and some of their favorite recipes as well! 

A Backyard Low Country Boil with the LoCo 90qt Cart Boiler

Check out what it looks like when our friends in Alabama boil up 45 pounds of crawfish for 30 of their closest friends
(and maybe a few strangers).

How To Boil Crawfish With Jean Paul Bourgeois 

Chef Jean Paul Bourgeois shows us how to boil crawfish like a real cajun using the LoCo 90qt Cart Boiler.

Cajun Shrimp and Crab Seafood Boil On The LoCo 60qt Cooker

EikenBBQ shares a great low country boil recipe in the description of this youtube video using our 60 QT Cooker!